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2008 Catalog


Terms and Conditions of Offer to Sell


PRODUCTION LEAD TIME: 10-15 working days based on availability at time order is received and only after approval of credit and artwork.

PURCHASE ORDERS: Orders received without pricing will be charged at current catalog prices and may not be altered or disputed after order has been produced.

BLANKS: Deduct $.25 (V).

RUSH ORDER: Every effort will be made to meet your in-hand date. However, extra charges may apply for orders requiring less than minimum standard production time. Contact factory for details.

OVER AND UNDERRUNS: Every effort will be made to ship exact quantities. However, we do reserve the right to ship over or under up to 5% and bill accordingly. In case of underruns of 5% or less, R-Bag® reserves the right not to print the balance of your order.


SPECIAL PACKAGING: Item inserted into individual polybags, add $.30 (V). For individual boxes contact factory.

TERMS: Net 30 days to related accounts. Credit cards accepted, Visa and Mastercard only.

CANCELLATIONS: All orders are considered firm. Cancellations will be accepted only if merchandise has not been printed. Cancellations must be made in writing and received at R-Bag®, phone cancellations are not acceptable. R-Bag® will accept return of un-imprinted merchandise if returned within 30 days after original shipment. Merchandise must be unopened and in original cartons. There will be a 10% restocking charge for returned merchandise. Cancellations are not accepted on custom orders. Samples are not returnable and are billed at end quantity plus freight.


SHIPPING METHOD: UPS or Common Carrier, F.O.B., Pacoima, California. R-Bag® reserves the right to determine the best shipping method available unless specifically pre-routed by the customer. All cost of transportation shall be borne by the customer and all risk of loss shall pass to the customer when the goods are delivered to the carrier, whether the carrier is selected by the customer or R-Bag®. An additional handling charge of $2.50 (Z) per carton is added.

DROP SHIPMENTS: $5.00 (R) per location. Minimum 25 pcs per location.

F.O.B. POINT: Factory in Pacoima, California.

ACCEPTANCE: The customer shall inspect the goods immediately, upon their arrival and shall within 15 days of their arrival, give written notice to R-Bag® of any claim that the goods do not conform with the terms of the contract. If customer shall fail to give such notice, the goods shall be deemed to conform with the terms of the contract and customer shall be deemed to accept and bound to pay for the goods in accordance with terms in the contract. The customer expressly waives any rights the customer may have to revoke acceptance after such 15 day period. Authorizations to return merchandise to R-Bag® must be pre-obtained. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number. No discounts may be taken from R-Bag® invoices.



A) R-Bag® warrants that the goods will substantially conform with R-Bag®’s published specifications at the time of delivery to the carrier of its shipment to the customer. Provided that R-Bag® receives written notice of any claimed defect of any goods within 30 days after customer’s receipt of the goods, R-Bag® will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective goods to R-Bag® provided R-Bag® has authorized the goods return. R-Bag® agrees to pay the cost of shipping repaired or replaced goods back to the customer at no more expensive method than on original order. R-Bag® reserves the right to conduct its own inspections of any or all goods alleged to be defective.

B) R-Bag® assumes no responsibility whatever for infringement occurring from use of the goods and any process in combination with the other goods not supplied by R-Bag® or both.

C) The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranties against infringement and of design, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The customer acknowledges that it will rely solely on its own evaluation and inspection of the goods and that no officer or agent of R-Bag® is authorized to give a greater or different warranty. The customer’s remedies, as stated above for defective goods, are exclusive, and the customer shall in no case be entitled to reject any goods except from non-conformities which substantially impair the value thereof.

PROPRIETARY DEVELOPMENT:  Negatives, positives, screens, dies, and other proprietary materials furnished by R-Bag® line, remain the property of R-Bag® line unless otherwise negotiated.

APPLICABLE LAWS: The validity, interpretation and performance of these Terms and Conditions of Offer to Sell, shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: R-Bag®’s liability for economic, property damage, or personal liability arising from the sale, shipment, storage, handling or use of the goods, whether based on alleged negligence or otherwise, including liability for breach of any of the warranties contained in the warranty section, shall not exceed, in the aggregate,  The amount paid by the customer for the goods causing such damage. In no event will R-Bag® be liable for any consequential damages (including, without limitation, loss of use or lost profits), or for any damages suffered by any third party. The customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold R-Bag® and its officers, shareholders, employees and agents harmless from and against any claims, damages and costs, including attorney’s fees and costs, resulting from claims of customer or any third party, beyond limitation of liability in this paragraph.

INDEMNIFICATION: Customer warrants that it has the right to use the marks, symbols or designs depicted in the artwork and shall indemnify, defend and hold R-Bag® and its officers, shareholders, employees and agents harmless from and against any claims, damages and costs, including attorneys’ fees and costs, in any infringement actions as a result of printing the artwork.

DISCLAIMER POLICY: Due to circumstances beyond our control, R-Bag® cannot guarantee continuity of exact shade, color, size, weight, texture, or construction of finished goods. We also reserve the right to improve, change or correct construction without written or prior notice. No adjustments or claims will be made or allowed on account of variances of this nature. Fabric colors not guaranteed to be colorfast. Washing is not recommended. Actual material color may vary slightly from photographs in catalog. Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the basic product and ability to include messages and art on them, but are never intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by this company, or the products with these specific imprints are readily available to any purchaser without the expressed written permission of the owners of the trademark of copyrighted art or copy. Due to manufacturing and imprinting tolerances, all published size dimensions have acceptable size variations of 1/2".  Velcro® is a registered trademark. PMS colors are Pantone Inc.’s check standard trademark. R-Bag®’s acceptance of your purchase order constitutes an agreement based solely on our terms and conditions regardless of those terms and conditions specified on your purchase order. R-Bag® shall not be responsible for the inability to ship any order due to quota restrictions, clearing through U.S. Customs or steamship line delays. R-Bag® will make every effort to substitute a similar bag if extensive delays occur. R-Bag® will not take responsibility for the correctness of verbal orders. R-Bag® reserves the right to adjust imprint areas for minor variations in size and construction of bags. Country of origin labels may not be removed by R-Bag®. Prices subject to change without prior notice. All artwork on imprinted items in this catalog is the property of R-Bag® or its distributors. R-Bag® cannot duplicate any artwork shown for anyone other than the original distributor. R-Bag® is not responsible for typesetting errors in catalog or accompanying price list.

CUSTOM MANUFACTURED BAGS: Minimum quantity is 3,000 – 5,000 pieces depending on style and fabric. Call factory for details. Pre-production proofs are normally supplied within 3-4 weeks after order is confirmed and has been credit approved. Shipment of order is normally made 8-12 weeks after proof approval. Cancellations are not accepted after proof approval.





Pricing includes one color imprint on one side only of silk screened copy. Non-standard imprint locations will incur additional charges. Please call to confirm.


SCREEN CHARGE: $40.00 (V) per color.

(Per piece running charge) $.75 (V) $.65 (V)

Each additional color requires a new screen $40.00 (V).

Per piece (first color only) $.75 (V) $.65 (V)

IMPRINT COLORS: All standard screen printing ink colors.

PMS COLOR MATCHES: Add $15.00 (V) per color. Colors are matched as close as possible based on Pantone colors. Exact color matching is not guaranteed.

PROOFS: Cost of item and screen charges, plus $40.00 (V) handling charge. (if approved, no additional charge for screen). Approval of the proof shall constitute acceptance of all terms and conditions contained herein. Delay on approval of proofs or providing needed information will delay shipment accordingly.

SPECULATIVE SAMPLES: Cost of item and screen set-up charges, plus $40.00 (V) handling charge. If order results, no additional charge for screens.

LESS THAN MINIMUM: $40.00 (V). Absolute minimum is 1/2 of the smallest catalog quantity for the item.

CHANGE OF COPY: Requires new screen at $40.00 (V) per color.

IMPRINT APPLICATION CONTROL: All bags are hand printed. Multi-color and close registration not recommended on certain bags. Slight variations may occur from imprint to imprint. 100% opacity not guaranteed when printing light colors on dark bags. When printing on vylon material, please be advised that the image may not be as crisp as on other materials. This also pertains to the hot stamping and debossing process.




Embroidery locations and sizes may differ from normal screen printing. Following charges are added to catalog price of item and are for 1-9 colors of embroidery. Please contact factory for lead times.


TAPE CHARGES: Up to 5,000 stitches $150.00 (V).
Each additional 1,000 stitches $31.50

Run Charge: 25-99 100-249 250-499 500+
Up to 5,000 $3.55 $3.12 $2.80 $2.50 (4V)
Additional 1,000 stitches $.52 $.50 $.49 $.46 (4V)

Minimum embroidery run charge: $95.00 (T)

CUSTOMER SUPPLIED DISKS: Tajima format is required. Changes to size, layout or copy on digitized files will be evaluated to determine edit charges or new digitizing charge.

COLOR MATCH: Indicate the Madeira thread number for the color required.

METALLIC THREAD: Add $.08 (V) per 1,000 stitches

ART REQUIREMENT: All text should not be less than 1/4" high.

EMBROIDERY PROOF: Cost of item, tape charges and embroidery running charges, plus $40.00 (V) handling charge.

SWATCH / SEW-OUT: $25.00 (V) plus tape charges and embroidery running charges.

SPECULATIVE SAMPLE: Cost of item, tape charges and embroidery running charges, plus $40.00 (V). If order results without a change to the image requiring a new tape, there will be no additional charge for the tape.

EMBROIDERY PERSONALIZATION: $8.00 (V) per set of initials or first name. Point size at least 1/4" high, maximum height is 1/2" high.

LESS THAN MINIMUM: $75.00 (V). Absolute minimum is 1/2 of the smallest catalog quantity for the item.

CHANGE OF COPY: Requires new tape charge.



Blind Deboss Foil Stamp

DIE COSTS: 1-4 sq. inches – $70.00 (V)
  5-8 inches – $140.00 (V)

(Running Charge-per piece/per location)

1-499 500+
$1.15 (V) $.90 (V)

  Metallic Silver
  Metallic Gold
  Limit one color per product. Other colors available through special order.

DEBOSS/HOT STAMPING PROOF: Cost of item and die charge plus $40.00 (V) handling charge. Approval of the proof shall constitute acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained herein. Delay on approval of proofs or providing needed information will delay shipment accordingly.

SPECULATIVE SAMPLE: Cost of item and die charge, plus $40.00 (V) handling charge. (If order results, no additional charge for die).

SWATCH: $25.00 (V) Plus die charges and running charges.

PERSONALIZATION: (3/16" high letters)
  Initials: $6.00 (V) (3 characters)
  Name: $10.00 (V) (20 characters w/spaces)

LESS THAN MINIMUM: $40.00 (V). Absolute minimum is 1/2 of the smallest catalog quantity for the item.

CHANGE OF COPY: Requires new die.



ARTWORK: All prices and delivery based on camera-ready, color separated typeset artwork to size being supplied. All artwork submitted not to size will be either enlarged or reduced to fit maximum imprint size, unless otherwise stated by customer. If artwork requires typesetting or touch-ups, we reserve the right to modify the artwork and charge accordingly. Artwork will be billed at $40.00 (V) per hour. We will notify of art charges in excess of $40.00 (V) only.

Substantial increases or decreases in size of artwork may also require additional art charges necessary to insure a quality print. R-Bag® is not responsible for quality of product unless artwork is camera ready.


MEDIA FORMATS: Files must be sent on PC-Formatted 3.5”floppy disk, 100mb Zip Drive disk or CD Roms. Artwork is returned only if requested and will be billed a $10.00 (X) handling charge and applicable freight charges.

FILE FORMATS: Macromedia Freehand 8.0, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Corel Draw 9.0.

HALFTONE/SCREEN RULING: Maximum LPI is 42.5 and screen ruling percentages should be between 10% and 50%.

LINE WEIGHTS: Keep ruled line weights 1pt. or bolder.

SUPPORTED FILES: Must be able to manipulate images – No placed images.

FONTS: Point size should be at least 12pts. All fonts must be converted to paths/outlines before the art is sent.

COMPRESSION: WinZip or StuffIt.

E-MAIL: Send artwork via e-mail to:  and include the following information in the transfer heading:

  • Company Name

  • ASI/Customer Number

  • Sender's Name

  • Sender's Phone Number

  • PO Number

  • Item to be imprinted




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R-Bag® is the leading supplier of travel, tote, sports and business bags in the promotional products industry.

® offers the widest range of products at competitive prices and leads the industry in service standards.  We never forget that you are the reason we are in business.

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